Our garden is a disaster.

Ever since we moved in to this place, we have looked out to our “garden” (both front and back yards) and it’s just depressing.

Weed infested “lawn”, no landscaping of any kind, no trees, no veggies – a lifeless wasteland. The fence is dilapidated giving us little privacy. Because of all these reasons, the kids just can’t use the backyard at all.

Being a keen gardener, I really miss getting my hands dirty and seeing all the hard work pay off through the summer. I enjoy observing the transition between seasons and learning from each year that passes.

In our previous place, we had a very nice private little garden. There was greenery, productive raised veggie beds and we generally enjoyed a lot more outdoor living. We are all missing this greatly and want to try and get this lifestyle back for our new place.

Enough is enough!

Time to get this space sorted out so we can back to enjoying the things we love.

We have created this blog to share the transformation of our garden from the current unusable disaster to a beautiful green and productive UrbanGardn.