I didnt get to take pics while the gents were taking down the old and constructing the new fence(ill try and do better for future posts), so im adding some photos I have taken over time and uploaded retrospectively to support this post. It took 2 days all up to finish this job.

Day 1

The first day of the job consisted of:
  • taking down of the old fence
  • removal of all fence posts and post footings
  • the run of string lines to ensure levels are correct
  • the drilling of new fence post holes
  • excavation of a small trench for the sleepers that will sit under the fence
  • installation and cementing of of new fence Posts, sleepers and only the bottom rail
  • installation of approximately 70% of of the fence panels
So in summary, Day 1 was a very busy day where they completed approximately 70% of the job. They did start early and finished late but they made excellent progress

Day 2

The second day of the job consisted of:
  • installation of the remaining fence panels
  • finishing and capping the top raile
  • minor paint touch ups for any scratches incurred during installation
  • site clean up
Here are some pictures of the final result – before and afters included 🙂 I must say we are very pleased with the result, solid as a rock, straight line and we got some immediate privacy. Awesome!