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Part 2 – Scope creep

In a previous post,  I mentioned that the fence and concrete retaining wall at the side of the property will be installed as the next part of the landscaping work… Well, that plan has now expanded a little!

We will still be performing the works as outlined originally, but the job is growing so that the retaining wall continues the length of the side of the home and all the way around to the front. This increases the amount of retaining walls we will need to approx 50metres

This will allow the front levels to be brought up to match the backyard, giving us a larger usable space in the future.

It is also more economical to do this job in one go as the labour costs go up if we split the job in to 2 parts – bonus!

See the image below that highlights the original scope (green) vs updated scope (blue) 

Part 2 – Getting ready for some major work

Now that we have finished with the fence between us and the neighbours, the next job will be to replace the fence facing the street.

This part of the fence is about 19m long. there is also a very small side fence with a gate. Replacing that is the easy part…

What isnt going to be easy is correcting the sloping ground level which needs to be levelled out for the future lawn etc. If the ground level of the backyard goes up, the soil needs to be kept back by a retaining wall before we can even think of putting up a new fence.

Therefore the next job is going to be:

  • 19m of retaining wall
  • 19m of Colorbond fence(fence will sit on the wall)
  • Retaining wall drainage
  • Drainage sumps
  • 1 gate

Speaking to the landscaper, its going to be a beast of a job and will take a lot of time and effort to complete.

The plan – Updated

A quick update before they start pulling down the fence. Working with my landscaper the original plan has changed to the following order:

  1. Install all fencing and retaining walls first
  2. Complete all earthworks in Front/side and back yard areas
  3. Install Paving, edging and foot paths 
  4. install instant turf, and finally
  5. wipe out and re do the front yard

The order has changed so that the major jobs are done first which will allow us to then move onto the smaller details. Hopefully doing the job in this sequence this will avoid rework(ie more costs) and reduce the time to completion.

The plan…

We have spent a lot of time discussing what needs to be done and we have come up with the following list of jobs:

  1. Rip up and dispose the “lawn”
  2. Remove the top layer of soil and replace with fertile new soil
  3. Add instant turf
  4. create a zone each for the kids play area, lawn and growing produce
  5. build a garden shed which will help de-clutter our garage
  6. Replace the entire fence
  7. add some garden paths to get around the yard
  8. transform the front yard into something that is usable and aesthetically pleasing
  9. Slowly introduce greenery into the front and back yards

Its a big ‘to-do’ list so lets see what happens.

We now need to find a good landscaper that can work with us on turning the plan into reality.

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