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Part 2 – Its starting to take shape

It has been a week or so since starting this second job, and the guys have really got a lot done in a short period of time.

They are almost at the stage where the majority of the sleepers are set in place, and the drainage pipes can be dug in and installed.

The focus of the next few days is to finish the retaining wall and drainage so that they can move on to the framing of the fence.


Part 2 – Some good early progress

A few more posts have gone in, which means that they have been installed all the way to around the front of the house.

They have also set some sleepers in place before levelling out and cementing the posts(next few days).

Each one of the sleepers weigh 45KG so its a bit of an effort to get so many set in such a short period of time. Great work so far.


Part 2 – The goodies have arrived

Very early this morning a truck unloaded all of the materials needed for the retaining wall. 

This delivery included:

  • 4 pallets of Sleepers (approx 60 sleepers)
  • A crate of post covers and post caps
  • approximately 25 posts, and
  • Cement mix to fix the posts

Soon after delivery, the contractors arrived and they they really got moving with and drilling the remaining post holes and fitting the first few posts.

The next few days will be focused on constructing the retaining wall and installing some of the drainage required. Should be an interesting week!

Part 2 – Lets go!

We have been waiting a very long time for this moment.

Today, our landscapers will be starting the job by running the string lines and starting with the drilling of post holes. By the end of the day the majority of post holes will be completed and in preparation for installation.

First few post holes drilled

A tonne (or 4) of Steel posts and Sleepers are being delivered tomorrow!

Super excited!

Part 2 – Scope creep

In a previous post,  I mentioned that the fence and concrete retaining wall at the side of the property will be installed as the next part of the landscaping work… Well, that plan has now expanded a little!

We will still be performing the works as outlined originally, but the job is growing so that the retaining wall continues the length of the side of the home and all the way around to the front. This increases the amount of retaining walls we will need to approx 50metres

This will allow the front levels to be brought up to match the backyard, giving us a larger usable space in the future.

It is also more economical to do this job in one go as the labour costs go up if we split the job in to 2 parts – bonus!

See the image below that highlights the original scope (green) vs updated scope (blue) 

Part 1 Completed – The new section of fence has been installed

I didnt get to take pics while the gents were taking down the old and constructing the new fence(ill try and do better for future posts), so im adding some photos I have taken over time and uploaded retrospectively to support this post. It took 2 days all up to finish this job.

Day 1

The first day of the job consisted of:
  • taking down of the old fence
  • removal of all fence posts and post footings
  • the run of string lines to ensure levels are correct
  • the drilling of new fence post holes
  • excavation of a small trench for the sleepers that will sit under the fence
  • installation and cementing of of new fence Posts, sleepers and only the bottom rail
  • installation of approximately 70% of of the fence panels
So in summary, Day 1 was a very busy day where they completed approximately 70% of the job. They did start early and finished late but they made excellent progress

Day 2

The second day of the job consisted of:
  • installation of the remaining fence panels
  • finishing and capping the top raile
  • minor paint touch ups for any scratches incurred during installation
  • site clean up
Here are some pictures of the final result – before and afters included 🙂 I must say we are very pleased with the result, solid as a rock, straight line and we got some immediate privacy. Awesome!

Part 1 – Changing a section of the fence

After a lot of thought, several quotes from my landscaper, and arrangements with neighbours, all is set for the first job which will be to replace the existing shared fence with Colorbond.

In summary the fence will be:

  • 1.8m high
  • supported with sleepers underneath (to counter the sloping ground)
  • Woodland Grey in colour (Fence colours)
  • built with no stepping, just a a smooth line all the way following natural ground level

The pattern of the fence will be the same on both sides for consideration of our neighbour – like the one on the front page (Fence brochure)

Slightly excited that we are about to get this journey started!…


The marked up photos below highlight the area that will be replaced:

The fence is approximately 20m long
The fence that is being replaced to provide privacy between neighbours

Current state – The back yard

Photographic evidence of the miserable ‘back yard’ featuring amongst other things:

  • A weed infested lawn…
  • A useless fence…
  • A 60cm slope from house to fence  
  • a small useless cement slab for garden furniture etc
  • no shed (seriously!)

See how the fence provides little privacy, almost see through with the large paling spacing and low height (1.5m).


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