Ok so after speaking to my landscaper, I never knew there were so many intricacies behind a small retaining wall..

Basically it comes down to three main options for the material to create a retaining wall:

  1. Wood sleepers – A wood sleeper retaining wall is a cheap and effective option but id like this to last for ever + I dont think it would look great since it will be facing the street. Bit unsure of the value add too.
  2. Stone wall – id absolutely love to have a Stone retaining wall.. A few of the neighbours have them and they look great, they add value to the property and in general they are probably the best option for what we are  after. However the cost prohibitive, and it would totally blow our budget and leave nothing left to do the rest of the job(massive labour and materials cost)
  3. Cement sleepers – Cement sleepers cost lie between the Stone wall and wood retaining wall options. Concrete sleepers look ok but arent as nice as stone but they will  last a very long time. I am not very confident that would ad a lot of value to the property but it sure will look better than wood.

So after thinking it over, its going to be a Cement sleeper retaining wall with the Colorbond fence sitting on top.

We are going to head out shortly to see them at the warehouse so I can have a better idea on how it will all work.