Today we will finally start some of the paving work that will give some structure to the whole job. We were in long discussions about what to start with next and this made the most sense – starting right from the back of the house and move to the front.

An order of a full pallet of pavers(about 500) was made so we could get all of the jobs done without having to go back for more. We did buy more than needed but our landscaper said he will buy them back at cost to reuse for other jobs if necessary.

All pavers and steppers for our job will be purchased from (support your local!)

Enough pavers?

Soon after the pallet arrived, the team was preparing the ground for an area  approximately 9m x 1.8m in size, there should be heaps of space for the shed with some left as a utility space.

With the preparation work done, the pavers went in quickly and after 3 days the entire job was completed, and I must say they did an absolutely fantastic job!

Here are some photos of how the job progressed during the week:

Great result!!! Now onto the edging for the lawn.