In our previous post, we outlined the a plan or design that would be used for the next phase of this project – Part 3 will focus on turning the blank canvas into various zones and usable areas.

The key jobs are as follows:

  • Garden Paths – One path will run from the front of the house and will end at the gate / entrance to the back yard. Another path will connect the entertainment area to the utility area at the back of the home.
  • Lawn edging – Something simple to keep the lawn and surrounding areas separated and distinct from one another.
  • Lawn – A beautiful lush green lawn to enjoy all year around.
  • Irrigation system – The irrigation system will be essential to keep the garden looking great especially during our hot and dry summers. The preference here is to have everything that needs water covered by this irrigation system so that the need for manual watering is reduced.
  • Raised Garden Beds – A couple of raised garden beds will be built primarily for growing food during the warmer months.
  • Extended Entertainment area(Concrete slab). The current entertainment area will be extended to give us more room to move.
  • Paved utility area – A paved area that will form the foundation for the shed and give us some space for a general utility area.
  • Garden Shed – No garden is complete without a Garden Shed.
  • Planting – Not sure exactly what plants we will get but we will likely include a Hedge, a couple of trees and a few shrubs.
  • Mulching – Finishing with mulch for water retention and protection of the plants from weather extremes

Starting any day now!!