One of the more important, but often overlooked aspects of building a small retaining wall is the drainage. Without appropriate drainage, water will build up behind the wall causing erosion over time and loss of integrity.

  • Our landscapers are starting with a water proof liner on the back of the retaining wall
  • Then 200mm deep of drainage gravel will be installed immediately behind the retaining wall
  • Sitting on top of the drainage gravel will lie a 100mm slotted and socked PVC aggregate pipe which runs the full length of the retaining wall
  • The PVC aggregate pipe will be tested so that water will run down a small slope and exit near the end of our property close to drainage and natural ground run off
  • The aggregate pipe will then finally be covered with more drainage gravel before future soil backfill is delivered

This system is integral to protecting the integrity of the wall for years to come.

The diagram below is a rough example of what will be installed. Note, its not to scale but should have all of the key elements represented


Diagram of retaining wall drainage