Roughly two weeks after starting, the retaining wall is nearly completed! Another important milestone on the journey.

I cant state how difficult this job was, and its something that I definitely could never have done myself – certainly a job best left to professionals. The guys worked some big hours in the heat and moved literally tonnes of sleepers, posts and cement to get it done.

The retaining wall has finally given the front yard a bit of shape and some street appeal which it has never had before. Initial observations are that it is an extremely solid structure which will easily take the load of the soil which will be back-filled behind it. I have to catch up sealing the remainder of the wall but ill get to that when I have some free time.

The drainage system has been set behind the full length of wall and is now just awaiting drainage aggregate and back-fill (full details in this post).

Now with all that work completed, the next job will be to install the fence before moving onto the earthworks.