Yesterday we received a delivery of fence posts and panels which will make up the remainder of the fence and side gate.

This morning the gents were at it by running string lines before installing the fence posts and bottom rails. The fence posts will connect directly into the steel posts that were installed for the retaining wall which provides strong support. The way the fence is integrated into the wall allows for the fence and retaining wall posts to line up perfectly. It will look a lot better on the eyes than having the fence posts and retaining wall posts out of sync (lines everywhere).

After seeing how the string lines were set initially, the top of the fence initially looks way too high, especially when you look at it from the footpath that runs down the side of our block.

The fence we bought is the standard height of 1.8m. If you add to that the 50-60cm of retaining wall underneath, the total height is running at about 2.3-2.4 metres.

Another problem is that the corner where the new fences will be joined doesnt line up nicely and in general looks bad visually.

Ill have to see what it looks like with all panels and gate installed before making any final changes but I really do think we are going to have to shorten the fence a little – 30cm or 1ft.

Here are some shots of what it looks like looking out from our backyard:

We will need to decide tomorrow on whether to shorten the fence or leave it as is – if its cut that’s it. 

The landscapers want to finish this part quickly(2 days maximum) so that they can move onto the earth works.