In our previous post, we mentioned that the height of the fence was a bit of an issue as it looked too high and didn’t line up well with the other part of the fence we had already installed.

We decided that it had to be cut down by about 30cm and it now looks a lot neater – another milestone completed and we have a new fence that should last ages. We have also finally gained complete privacy in our back yard without losing any of the views out over the valley, a great result and something we have been looking forward to for a long time.


In our previous home we had a cream coloured fence which would reflect the sun and was overly bright during sunny days. This colour blends in to the background, and when we finally plant some greenery it will pop against a the dark background.

Now that this is done, its time to move onto the earthworks. We discussed this next step with out landscapers and they are going to need access into the back yard for their machines(dingo, bobcat and trucks), therefore have delayed installing the small side fence and gate until they are done.


Access thru here

In preparation for the first part of the earthworks, Luke has asked us to cut down the lawn to as low as possible so that his machines can get in and work efficiently to remove the current grass and soil before starting with the back-fill. We have done this in preparation for them commencing early next week.