Over the last 4 days, we have seen considerable transformation of our yard. We finally got rid of that old ‘lawn’ and its been replaced with tonnes of new soil which has provided us with a blank canvas to work with.

During the week, the dingo and trucks were working hard all day to get rid of the old, and bring in the new.

After the initial rip up and removal, Luke worked on getting several tonnes of back fill onto the property and then worked it all the way to the back to create the new ground level.

There is still a slight but deliberate fall from house to fence for water run off(about 15cm) but nothing like the previous 50-60cm we had inherited. 

Finally,  a topping of approx 10-15cm of rich top soil was added which will provide us with a great base from which to plant our trees, shrubs and lay a new lawn.

Below are some are some progress shots we took during the work.

Once we get to the end of this stage, we really need to start thinking a bit more about the layout of the yard. We have some plans in mind but there is going to be a bit of a lull in activity while we think, plan and formalise the next phase.