You may have spotted a little lemon tree in a square pot pictured in some of our previous posts.  

This poor lemon tree has been standing guard over our back yard ever since we moved into this house. We couldnt stand to leave it behind when we moved a couple of years ago, so we had it trucked over with the rest of our belongings(solid effort by the removalist). I was able to dig up some old photos of our previous yard – same square pot, same tree 

We purchased this lemon tree about 7 years ago. It is a Dwarf Meyer Lemon variety which is designed to stay small and produce a decent yield of full sized fruit. After protecting it from frosts over the first two winters, we did get a few good seasons of produce from it. The lemons were well sized, not too sour and full of juice – very yummy and refreshing.   

In conditions it should grow to a maximum of 3metres high and about 2 meters wide, but unfortunately it has been stuck in this same pot since day 1. Its never been able to live up to its full potential.

One of our aims is to set this lemon tree free and plant it in the ground where it can spread out and reach its full potential! cant wait for that day!