With the lull in activity from the landscapers, we got busy laying out the main lines for the irrigation system that will help keep our garden nice and green. The irrigation system is something we are hoping to do ourselves to help cut down on costs and ensure we get exactly what we want from the system. 

We got an idea from work colleague of having a fully automated system with valves, timers and WiFi. He has this type of setup in his house and loves being able to sit back and use an app on his phone to stop and start all the irrigation zones. Being a gadget guy(and lazy) im all for it!!  

For now, everything will be built in manual and we will work up to installing the automation.

We started by running a couple of lines to the side and front yards and capped them to prevent dirt getting inside.

Another line was run for the new lawn area, the shape of which roughly followed the outline of where we think the lawn will be installed. We also ran a line to where the garden beds will be installed.

The pipe we used was standard 19mm poly tubing and all of the connectors and clamps are what you would get at a local hardware store – nothing too fancy here. 

There is a tap installed around the back of the house and we will be using this as the point where the entire irrigation system will be connected and controlled. 

Now to do some research on automated irrigation systems!