In hindsight, it would have been a better idea to start this project with a plan as opposed to starting with only a few ideas in my head. We had a vision and some basic concepts of what we were after and so far we have seen good results and progress. But now that its getting into a more detailed phase of the project, we need to start working against something tangible so that our landscapers see what we are aiming for.

In our down time, we have been sketching some ideas on paper. 

Here is my attempt to translate those paper sketches into a PC image file that can be printed out and shown to the landscapers.

Yard Plan

There are probably better ways to do this but I dont have the software or skills to draw it up properly.

The main concepts are still there but now with some additional details including:

  1. An outline of the new lawn area
  2. A kids play area
  3. Garden beds to grow our own food
  4. Footpaths 
  5. A hedge(and probably a few trees and shrubs) around the front, and
  6. An area for the garden shed

Now that we have a plan on paper, we will start to mark out the areas to see how will look before finally committing to the work.