The following is a list of all the essential irrigation pieces we used to run and connect the main lines. The main lines we used were were 19mm or 3/4″ Poly Tube and joined together with appropriate sized connectors.

We will write another blog post with the different items we use for the lawn, trees/shrubs and vegetable beds as we proceed.

Poly Tube

Basic irrigation poly tube that you can pick up at any hardware store



Tee joiner


We needed a tonne of these so its better to get bulk packs rather then trying to calculate how many you need.

19mm > 13mm joiner (3/4″> 1/2″)

You may need only 2 or 3 of these depending on the irrigation zones. They allow the joining of 19mm main lines to 13mm lines(ie to dripper lines or for  areas that need lower flow)

End cap

Required for the end of each 19mm line


Stakes are highly recommended for keeping the poly tube in place. Again, buy a lot and dont just calculate how many you think you will need for the job. you can use these for so many other applications.


We used a similar brass 4 way tap connector

Poly tube to tap connector

You will need a connector similar to this to join the 19mm  poly tube to the tap.