Concrete Sleepers Canberra have a pretty good setup at their warehouse and the staff know their products inside out. Click here to go to their website – support your locals.

Some basic info on their products:

  • Each sleeper they sell is reinforced with 2 steel bars for extra strength
  • they make sleepers in 3 colours and plain uncoloured concrete
  • there are 7 different patterns above their standard plain / smooth sleeper
  • the sleepers arrive unsealed and it is up to the customer to seal them if they deem necessary
  • All sleeper posts are galvanised and come in various lengths (depending on how high your wall needs to be)
  • they supply fence brackets for seamless integration of Colorbond fence posts into the retaining wall
  • sleeper post covers can be purchased if necessary. These covers work to improve aesthetics of the retaining wall by covering the steel with concrete patterns similar to the retaining walls

Here are some photos of their display:

After looking at their range, we have decided to buy the sleepers with the Stackstone pattern in Charcoal colour!