After doing a bit of research and a lot of help from my landscaper, there ended up being only two main outlets that supply cement sleepers in our local area. They are:

  1. Bunnings Warehouse – [Link]
  2. Concrete Sleepers Canberra – [Link]

Bunnings Warehouse

I visited the local Bunnings and had a look at what they had. What I saw was a good product at a reasonable price.


  • Good product range
  • Reasonable prices
  • lots of stock, no delay to deliver


  • No post covers
  • Short 1.5m sleeper lengths(ie need lots of posts to cover ~20meters) which would increase costs slightly and also impact aesthetics

Concrete Sleepers Canberra

I visited this company in Hume, and immediately noticed the quality and range beat out Bunnings by a fair margin:


  • Superior sleeper quality
  • Wide range of patterns and colours
  • Excellent display area
  • Knowledgeable staff (the owners work there)
  • The sleeper lengths are up to 2.3m depending on the type you buy reducing the number of fence posts required
  • Local business


  • Cost – more expensive per sleeper, and per metre
  • Steel posts are more expensive

So based on the pros and cons above, our decision will be to get all materials related to the retaining wall from Concrete Sleepers Canberra!

Although the cost is more, the quality is superior and that made the decision easy. We really want this wall to last forever while functioning correctly and looking good.